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Looking for more comprehensive information on all your health insurance options and how to qualify?
Lauren R. Jahnke, MPAff
Author of Decoding Health Insurance and the Alternatives
"As you undoubtedly know, the U.S. healthcare system is incredibly complex, from the numerous laws regulating the industry to how people receive and pay for healthcare services."
Decoding Health Insurance and the Alternatives:
Options, Issues, and Tips for Saving Money
Topics you'll find covered inside:
  • Individual insurance
  • Marketplaces
  • Subsidies
  • ​Medicaid and Medicare
  • ​Military health programs
  • ​Dental and vision insurance
  • ​Negotiating cash discounts
  • ​Discount cards
  • Health savings accounts
  • Employment-based insurance
  • Effects of the Affordable Care Act
  • ​Short-term Insurance
  • ​Healthcare cost-sharing ministries
  • ​Medical tourism
  • ​Health reform issues
  • ​Tips and resources… and more!
  • The cost of health care and health insurance is increasing faster than the general economy, putting many people in a bind. 
  • This straightforward, non-partisan book examines various healthcare options and their pros/cons.
  • This 180-page comprehensive book contains valuable information and money-saving tips that everyone should know.
“An indispensable guide for consumers and small businesses seeking health coverage and wanting to understand more about their options in this crazy quilt we call the U.S. healthcare system. 
Lauren Jahnke makes all types of health insurance and alternatives much more  understandable—and the many money-saving tips and insights will prove valuable for anyone, with or without insurance.”
Lisa Duchon, PhD Marketplace Counselor, Healthcare Consultant
"Employers struggle to manage healthcare options and costs even when aided by an army of professional brokers and consultants. For the individual, there are very few resources to help navigate the maze of the ever-changing healthcare landscape. 
Decoding Health Insurance and the Alternatives finally gives consumers the practical information they need to make informed choices for their personal circumstances by providing a comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to the available options, pros and cons of each, and how they work together. A must-read for anyone who is making healthcare decisions!"
Katherine Loranger, MBA, SPHR
Chief People Officer
“Founders of start-ups, whether they are traditional small businesses or tech start-ups, face many challenges, but one of the least served and understood is how to cope with medical coverage. This is especially true in the critical time before a business is large enough to provide benefits, but also afterwards. 
This useful book fills many of those gaps in explaining our labyrinthine healthcare system (and its many acronyms), and capably describes the available choices and considerations for organizations and individuals.”
Alan G. Hulme-Lowe, PhD, FRSC, CChem
Tech and Small Business Advisor and Mentor
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Buy a printed book today for just $19.95, and receive a bonus free downloadable PDF of the book so you can get started!
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